Get Well Soon

Posted by abie on 9:21 AM in
Looks like my mom would really need the best anti wrinkle cream because she is going through a lot of stress now because she is just so worried for my brother (we all are.)

My brother was hospitalized a week ago and was admitted for 3 days and the doctor was able to rule out the problem. He was discharged Sunday but then after two days, he complained from sever stomach pain and they have to rush him to the hospital again. He was admitted for the 2nd time and they did a number of tests and everything came back negative. The pain went away the next day and so he was discharged the next day.

But last night, he experienced severe stomach pain again and my parents brought him to the hospital again. He was admitted again but at least this time the doctors already have an idea what is wrong with him. They suspect that it is his gallstone that is causing the pain. He will undergo tests again today and if they confirm that it is the gallstone that is causing the problem, he has to undergo an operation to remove it.

I just hope and pray that my brother will be well soon.


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