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Happy New Year every one. I am really excited for 2011 as according to my zodiac sign, my dreams will start to materialize this year. And I think it is true because by mid of 2011, we will be moving to our new house. This is a big leap that my husband and are taking for our family. We are only in the planning stage of getting a new house for our family but then an opportunity knocks when hubby found out that his colleague is selling their house. We checked out the house and we really fell in love with it and we both agree that it is the house that we are dreaming for our family and so we decided to get a loan and purchase the house.

All of us are excited for the move but then it suddenly hit me that even though it is a very exciting event for our family, this will also be stressful as we have to move a lot of our stuff. But we know that moving can’t be all that stressful. Here are some of the tips that I think can help us make our move easier:

1. Start early. This is the second time that we will be moving already and on our first move, I learned that moving is very time consuming. We won’t be moving until mid of 2011 but we can start packing at least one or 1.5 months in advance so we won’t run out of time that we will just end up stacking and throwing everything in one box which will make our stuff very disorganize.
2. Make a Checklist and Inventory. It is very important to make an inventory and list of all our stuff so that we will know if we loose anything during the move or not. It will also be very helpful to make a To-do list so we will not forget anything that needs to be taken care of for the move.
3. Hire Professionals. Getting a professional help will definitely be a big help. I checked the site of moving quotes and they have a list in their network of reputable local movers that can help us with our move. They will even send a representative to help us organize our stuff before the move, giving suggestions on how to pack our stuff to keep it safe and secure during the move.

We still have a few months before we move and I better start organizing our things now so that it will be a less stressful move for us and we can just concentrate in anticipating our move to our dream house.


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