US Visa For Cobi & Mom: Approved

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Wohoo, I was so happy when I finally got a confirmation form Howell last Friday that Cobi and my mom got their US Visas. I have been preparing for this interview for months now. We have to delay the scheduling of appointment as we have to apply for Cobi’s passport first. Hubby tried scheduling online and the earliest that he was able to book was December 29. Thankfully, I have a good friend who works at DFA so we were able to use the courtesy lane and we were able to apply for Cobi and our passport (as we need to renew ours also), two weeks earlier than our initial schedule.

The scheduled date of release of our passport was January 5 but it was only last January 13 when we received our passport. I paid for the visa fee at BPI as soon as I got hold of Cobi’s passport. Luckily, schedule for interview is not that tight so I was able to get a schedule for my mom and Cobi last January 21.

Howell was with my mom and Cobi as one parent is required if a minor is applying. Their schedule is at 7:45 AM and by 8:15 I got a text message from Howell and he told me that my mom was denied and only Cobi got a visa. I was shaking and called him right away and Howell explained that my mom lacks financial documents. I was fuming mad as it was indicated in the DS-160 appliaction form of my mom, that Howell and I will pay for this trip and I provided all our financial documents – bank certificate, history of bank transactions, land title, credit card billing, employment certificate, and even a summary of my Pay Pal Transactions. When Howell noticed that I am really serious and worried he laughed and admitted that my mom and Cobi both got a US Visa (crazy Howell. LOL).

So it is a really a go for our US Trip this May. I am so excited, especially for my mom and my kids.


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