My HSBC Account has Been HACKED

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I thought hacking just happens in movies and I never really thought that one day I will be a victim of it, but I was wrong.

Friday, around 1:45 PM, I got a text from HSBC asking me to call them as they noticed suspicious transactions in my account. I got nervous right away and I quickly checked my wallet to see if my credit card is still there as I know that I haven’t used my credit card for days now so I know something is really wrong. My credit card is safely tucked in my wallet and so the first thing that came to my mind was, it is for sure an online transaction and my credit card details have been hacked.

I called HSBC and I was in shocked when I learned that almost P48,000 has been charged to my card but they can’t really verify the complete details of the transaction as the account is still floating and it hasn’t been posted to my account yet. All they can tell me that time was the transaction was from UK.

I was still in shock when I put down the phone and I can’t think of anything else but to just go home so I can see Bela and Cobi as I know they are the only person who can take all my problems away.

Surprisingly after the situation has finally sunk in, I did not feel any anger or worry. I told myself there is really nothing that I can do about the situation and all I can hope for is that HSBC will find in their investigation that it is not really me who made the transaction and they will accept that my account has been hacked.

As I told hubby, I don’t want to waste my time stressing over it. I will just pray and hope for the best.


Anonymous says:

same here my account has been hacked. im also a HSBC credit card holder. just now, i checked my account and got shocked why my account is already overlimit. i know they have a control which will not allow overlimit transaction. tsk. how unlucky. my credit card is just inside my wallet and transaction is too far from where am I. HSBC credit card has a very weak control. I will close my account and just use my other credit card.

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