Sickies in the House

Posted by abie on 9:48 PM in
I still have cough after two weeks. But I am use to this as it always last this long every time I have cough. My doctor says it can be allergy and that is the reason why cough medicine is not working for me. That is why I am thinking of getting home dehumidifier to keep the air we breathe clean and healthy and maybe it will be a big help for my allergy.

But I am glad that my mom, Bela and Cobi are all doing well already. We passed on the virus to each other and so everybody in the household, except hubby, got sick. But I am really thankful as they are all doing well now. Sometimes it makes me really paranoid every time my kids get sick, especially Jacobo.

And Bela better get well as it will be her Field Trip on Wednesday and she is just so excited about it and she has been talking about it for days now. And so not being able to attend the fieldtrip because she is sick is really a big No-No.


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