For our New House

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If you have kids in the house, I bet you will be as paranoid as me in keeping the house clean and bacteria free to keep your kids away from sickness. I remember in one of the episodes of my favorite TV series House MD, they have a patient who has been very, very sick and they later found out that the sickness was due to algae found in the patient’s bathroom.

That is why when I found out that the house we are buying has a bath tub, I quickly made some research on how to maintain it so that it will be bacteria free and I discovered that natural hot tub treatment is the best way to go as it does not contain harsh chemicals that is bad to our health and the environment too and naturalhottub.com offers these kind of treatment for natural hot tub.

All their products do not use bad hot tub chemicals but instead only uses natural enzymes that are 100% bio-based. Their products are also very easy to use and it only needs to be applied once a week to keep bathtubs and the water clean and germ free.

I am sure our kids will love to have a bath tub and for sure they will always use it for their everyday bath that is why I really wanted to make sure that it is 100% germ and bacteria free to safeguard the health of our kids.


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