17 again?

Posted by abie on 11:37 AM in
Just look at hubby’s latest picture?

17 again?
17 again? Hehe. I don’t know what got into him that he went home one day with a new haircut. And then he even shaved his mustache and beard.

Did you know that when I met hubby, he already have a mustache and I married him not seeing how he looks without a mustache. That is why it took a lot of getting used to when I first saw him without a mustache. He even did it while he is on a remote trip and he just sent his picture to me via MMS.

But I like his new haircut and clean-shaven look. He definitely looks a lot younger and less stress out. Even our friends and our kids’ doctor noticed how young he looked like after shaving and with his new haircut.

So dad, I wish you would always keep this haircut. The kids and I like it more than your long wavy hair. LOL.


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