Home Improvements: Wireless Doorbell & Driveway Alarm

Posted by abie on 9:49 PM in
Next week will be the move to our new home. Hubby and I are both excited because this is finally it, a house that we can call our own.

Nothing much needs to be done except for a little cleaning here and there but there are some additions and improvements that hubby wants to install. He has been checking the site of Gadget Shack and he is looking at purchasing their wireless doorbell. This wireless doorbell is so nice since it has six individual channels, which we can program to different push button, door contact sensor and even to motion detectors. It even has a wide range that can reach up to 450 ft.

Another item that he wants to purchase is a wireless driveway alarm. Since our room is at the third floor and the garage is at the ground floor, hubby thinks that we need the security feature of a driveway alarm so we will be notified of any human or vehicle motion.

This is already not included in our budget but prices in Gadget Shack are not bad since they don't have sales tax and they even offer free shipping.

So in just a few more days, we will finally be spending our first night in our dream home.


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