Credit Card Application: So I can Say Goodbye to HSBC

Posted by abie on 10:51 PM in
It was January 2011 when I received a call from HSBC to confirm an online transaction that was credited to my account. The transaction was from UK and the amount was around $1200. I was in complete shock after hearing about this as this is the first time that my credit card has been hacked.

I have several citibank credit cards which I have been maintaining for almost a decade now and never did I experience this problem. My HSBC card is actually just new and it was with me for less than five years only. I was actually not happy with their service in the first place since it is difficult to deal with their customer service agent, the credit limit that they gave me is way too low than the one that I have with Citibank plus they don't really offer that much promos and discounts that I can benefit from.

I filed a dispute the very day I learned of the hacking incident and it has been 8 months already and there is still no resolution from the dispute that I filed. I have been following up with them almost everyday from January to May but despite my efforts, all I get from their customer service agent is the same answer over and over again :Ma'am, we still have no updates. You can call us again after 3 banking days to check if we will have news about your dispute."

Of course I got tired of them already. I don't deserve this kind of service especially for a customer who has a very good credit standing. So as soon as my dispute has been settled (which I hope will not reach its 1st year anniversary come January 2012), I will have my HSBC credit card cut and I will just go to the site of credit card applications so I can apply for a new credit card.

It is very easy to file for a credit card application from them as everything is online. I just have to choose what type of user I am and what requirements I am looking for in a credit card and a list of credit card companies will be displayed. Then I can just apply online and wait for the approval in a few days. That easy.

Hopefully, I can say goodbye to HSBC as their service really sucks big time.


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