The Truth

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I nearly choked when my dad told me what our neighbor asked him when our former neighbor saw the house that we brought. Our neighbor was asking what the heck our work is, as he can’t believe how we can afford to buy a property. I find it rally insulting especially for someone like us who have been working day and night just to make both ends meet.

Well the secret is HARDWORK. Our friends can attest at how my husband and I have been working doubly hard just to make this dream come true for our kids. Hubby has been doing a lot of sideline work and has been doing a lot of overtime work so we can come up with the money that we need for our monthly amortization. Even I am doing my share as I have a lot of sideline jobs too so I can give my share for the monthly amortization of this house. Hubby was even scolding me the other day because my left eye is already half close but still I have been working on my laptop to meet deadlines.

This is one thing that we are proud of for this home – we got this home from our own sweat, everything in it including the Joy dishwashing liquid (LOL) comes from us. I hate to be cocky but that is the truth and that is one accomplishment that hubby and I will be sharing with our kids when they are old enough to understand.

We are poor now, I don’t even have cash in my wallet but at least we have our own home, a home for our kids that HUBBY and I built for them.


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