Me Sickie

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I have been busy lately that I was not able to blog about what happened to me first week of August.

It was Monday and right after lunch, I feel kind of different. I feel bloated and a little nauseated. I called hubby and he asked me to tell my dad to fetch me but I don’t want to burden them and I thought that it is just a simple dizziness that I thought that I can make it home safely.

But then while waiting for the FX to become full, I feel like I will throw up but I tried to control it. I thought that I could control it until I reach home but I was wrong. We were along Espana when I can no longer hold it that I asked the driver to stop and I alighted . Good thing the driver knows me since I am a regular passenger so they waited for me and so I was able to reach Capulong St (which is just one ride away from our house) without throwing up again.

When I reached our street, I threw up again and then again when I reached home. I threw up for another time that my dad decided to rush me to the Emergency Room of UST. They did a CBC test and they found out that I have infection. Normal count for WBC is 10K and my count is 20K. The doctor was advising me that I get admitted but I begged her not to since I am worried for my two kids because I know it will be a big hassle if I will be in the hospital and nobody will attend to my kids.

The attending physician agreed but she have to make me promise that I will take my antibiotics religiously and I will go back on Thursday for another CBC test.

It was 12 AM already when we reached home and then Bela woke up and threw up also. I asked our nanny and she said that Bela vomited twice already before that. Then my mom threw up several times also and then we realized that we might have been food poisoned.

I feel so weak and I can’t even get up from our bed that is why I took a sick leave from work for three days.

I am just thankful that it was I who was badly affected and not my daughter and I am glad that it is all over.


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