Wireless Doorbell for our New Home

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Now that we will be living in a house with four floors, it is essential that we install a good quality doorbell so we will know if we have visitors or if there is someone outside the house who needs the gate to be open for them.

My dad and my husband checked the house last weekend and the doorbell is one of the things in their list that needs to be replaced. We live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of kids and so you can expect that these naughty kids will constantly play with our doorbell so we really need something that is durable and that will last.

My sister also works for a call center company and her schedule is a bit off as she goes to work late in the evening and will arrive home early in the morning so it is very important that the sound of the door bell can reach up to the fourth floor so anyone of us can open the door for her whatever time of day it is.

That is why I have been looking for a store where I can get good quality wireless door bell and that is how I discovered WirelessDoorbellStore.com.

WirelessDoorbellStore.com sells all kinds of wireless doorbell and the model that I am looking has a wireless range of up to 450 feet so the sound can definitely reach even up to the roof deck. The added feature that I like about this high-tech doorbell is that we can assign each melodies for different locations so we will know which push buttons has been pressed. It is also very flexible as we can order additional push buttons and receivers. They even have a model that comes with an Intercom that will give our doorbell more functionality.

We have more than two weeks to fix everything before our move at the end of the month and we all feel very excited.


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