I Hate August

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I hate August because for this month, we have been going in and out of the hospital, as one of us will always get sick.

First week of August, Bela had a high grade fever hitting up to 40 degrees Celsius that we have to rush her to the hospital. Thankfully her fever was gone the next day and so they were able to rule out dengue.

The next week, we had been food poisoned so we were all vomiting and experiencing upset stomach. I was even brought to the Emergency Room of UST as I won’t stop vomiting and they fear that I might be dehydrated.

Then just a few days after that, our youngest son had an eye infection that his right eye was so swollen that he can’t even open it. He was admitted at St. Luke’s just to make sure that the infection is under control and it won’t spread in his brain.

Then while we are at the hospital, I caught a virus and now I have sore eyes.

I can’t wait for next week, as I want August to end. It is indeed a ghost month as we experience a lot of bad faith during this month, health wise.


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