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We said goodbye to our Vitara last week when the buyer picked it up in our house last Monday. Then the next day after Bela’s Moving Up Day program, we went to the different showrooms in Otis and Macapagal area to check out the cars that we are considering buying.

After our car window shopping, our choices were:

1. Toyota Innova – The capacity of this car is just perfect for us specially we are planning for baby # 2 this year. But it is over our budget.
2. Toyota Vios – This car has good reviews and they say that it consumes less gas plus it very well fit our budget. But the capacity of this car is just enough for a small family.
3. Honda City – Howell fell in love with this car. He is even set on buying it but I told him to think it over as it is already almost the price of the Innova.
4. Mitsubishi Strada – This is hubby’s number one love. But I find the price to pricey for a car and considering that it also has a small passenger capacity.

So what did we end up buying? That’s for my next post (Sayang din pang fillers din yun. LOL)



Biased ako ... Honda City lover ako eh! Tipid sa gas, nice pa ng porma! hahaha! :)

So, ano nga verdict? :)

kainis , bitin!!

ano na binili nyo? kami next year na lang siguro. i dont wanna let go of our car haha. first investment namin un ni gelo together eh.

natawa ako sayo abie, pang fillers din yun lol :)))

I'll make a guess innova?

wow, new car! ano nga kaya ang nabili nyo? I would go for innova if you want space and family car. pero super tipid daw sa gas ng vios. and the honda city naman na bago, super nice ng porma!

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