Interest Minimizer Program = Savings

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My husband and I are thankful that banks offer housing loans because without them, we will not be able to fulfill our dreams of owning our own home. We actually got approved for a housing loan and because of that we were able to purchase a house and in fact, we will be moving to our new home in a few months.

But since the bank will be loaning us a big amount of money and since they are businessmen, it is expected that they will earn something from us through the interest that our loan will incur. And when we computed for the interest, we were surprise because it is almost the amount of our loan.

So when we learned about Nationwide Biweekly Administration, and on how they can help us save on interest, we got really interested. With the Interest Minimizer Program that they can facilitate for us, we can convert our payment from monthly to weekly or bi-weekly scheme without changing lenders or without any balance transfers. This will significantly reduce our interest by thousands of dollars and it can reduce our years of payment by six to 10 years.

We will be reviewing Interest Minimizer Program, as we know that this can help us save big and use that savings for some other useful things for our family.


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