Test for Mold in your Home

Posted by abie on 11:20 AM in
Since we have two kids in the house, the health and safety of our kids should always be our top priority. That is why we always tell our house help to make sure that the house is clean all the time to get rid of germs that might bring sickness and virus.

But germs and bacteria are really hard to trace, just like toxic mold. It can hide underneath the floors, the carpets and walls and who knows what type of bacteria and sickness it can bring to our family. That is whey when I heard of ImmunoLytics, I got interested with them right away as I heard they could help Test for mold in our house.

The process is just simple as all they need is just send us Mold test kits. By following the instructions in the packaging, we can get a sample and send it to ImmunoLytics and with their Mold detector techniques in their laboratory, they can trace the presence of molds that thrive in our home.

With the results in their hand, they can suggest for ways on how we can eliminate toxic molds and they can even give contacts for experts who can help us with our problem.

It is difficult and nerve wracking for parents like me to see my kids get sick. That is why I will not think twice to get the service of ImmunoLytics to protect my family from germs, bacteria and mold that may be harmful to our family's health.


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