Fruit Tree in our Property

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Since we bought the property in the suburbs five years ago, hubby and I have been thinking of a better way to utilize the property. We can't make it as our permanent home as it is far from the city and from where we work so it can only serve as our weekend home.

But hubby and I were thinking that we should be able to come up with something to put the property to good use and that might even give an additional income for us and that is when we thought of fruit tree.

There is a big vacant land at the side and at the back of the house where we can plant different fruits trees like Grape plants, nuts, and even flowering trees. Thankfully a friend recommended Willis Orchards. This is where we can buy the fruit trees, plants and even flowering trees that we want for our farm. Their price is so affordable and they give excellent customer service as they will even give us an advice on which tree and plant is perfect for our environment. And their commitment does not end after we purchase our blueberry plants from them as they will give us tips on how to maintain the flowers and trees that we will plant in our land.

And in the future, income will come to us as we harvest our first crop.


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