Busy Weekend

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Hubby is away and our nanny is on her day off (which actually is every Sunday) so it is a very busy weekend for me. Yesterday, I was only able to work in the morning as I accompany Bela to her first day in Gymnastics class.

Since hubby is not around to drive us, we will probably just be staying at home the whole day for Sunday. Which actually works on my favor as I still have tons of things to finish:

• Search for our life insurance as it is due for renewal already.
• Work on all my pending tasks. The downpour of work that I received this week overwhelmed me but I am not complaining as I have been praying for this, as I really need the extra money to pay for our bills. But I better start with it this weekend, so I can finish at least half of it so I don’t have to cram during the weekdays.
• Search for party options for Bela. It is already July and I still have no concrete plans for Bela’s 6th birthday party.
• Upload our recent travel pictures.
• Upload Cobi’s birthday pictures from Ksnaps and Jojo Francisco.

Doing this would be a great challenge as I have to take care of the two kids in between plus I only have 4 hours of sleep so I do hope that I will last the day and finish all my To-Do List.


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