On Pool Cartridge Filters & More

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If we did not purchase the property of hubby's colleague here in Manila, hubby is so keen in pursuing his plan of constructing a swimming pool at our house in Bulacan. According to hubby, it will serve two purposes. One is that it will be our weekend home and with a swimming pool, for sure we will always love to go to our house and spend our weekend there. Second is that we can even rent the house and the pool for extra income.

I was actually not in favor with his plan as I know how difficult and expensive it is to maintain a swimming pool. We need to replace the pool cartridge filters, the sanitizer and the clarifier often to keep the pool's water clean and germ free. But hubby did some research already and if we can rent out the place at least once or twice a month, we can get the money that we will spend for pool maintenance like above ground pool filters and we may even earn some extra money.

But the purchase of pool filter replacement cartridge will be put on hold for the meantime as we will delay the construction of the swimming pool as we will start paying already for the monthly amortization of the property that we just bought. But I know in God's perfect time, hubby's dream for our house in Bulacan will soon turn into a reality.


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