Homeroom Rep: St. Gudila

Posted by abie on 4:42 PM in
Last Saturday was the PTA meeting in Bela’s school. It is also the gathering of GSPA (Grade School Parent’s Association) where the election of the officers was held.

I was actually reluctant to attend as I am afraid that I might get elected but I know Bela will get mad at me if I did not attend so hubby and I woke up early that Saturday to make it on time to the 8 AM GSPA meeting.

And just as I suspected, I have been “voluntold” to be the Homeroom Representative of St. Gudila. LOL. Thankfully, I was fast enough and “voluntold” another parent to be the Grade Level representative. At least I only need to work up to the homeroom level. LOL.

But I am glad to be of service. As what the officers of the GSPA mentioned at the meeting, they do it for the love of their daughters. And I am an active and stage parent anyways so I am present to most of the activities in school so I don’t think being a homeroom president will make any difference.


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