Sickie in the House

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Hubby and I had a tough day today, as we got so worried since Bela is sick. Last night, Bela was complaining that she feels hot and when I checked her temperature, it is already at 38.5. We just gave her medicine and she went to bed after.

This morning, I checked her temperature and she still has fever but I did not think that it would shoot up so hubby and I even prepared to go to work. We are all dressed up and we are already about to leave but I checked her temperature again one last time before we leave for work and I panicked when it read 40 degrees Celsius. I quickly called my mom and hubby decided that we would not go to work and take Bela to the hospital.

We went to her pediatrician around 8 AM. We initially planned to take her to the Emergency Room but we know that they will do all kinds of test as that is the routine in the ER of Chinese General and we don’t want to expose her yet as she might get traumatized. So we waited for her doctor to arrive and it was already 10 AM when her doctor entertained us.

She was given medicine and we were asked to observe for her fever and if it doesn’t improve in 3 days, then she has to have a CBC test and Urinalysis.

Her temperature shoots up again to 39.9 around 3 PM so I gave her Advil as per her doctor’s prescription. When she went to bed, her temperature is already down to 37.6 so I am hoping that it will continue to improve.


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