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I was one of those Filipinos who went to EDSA to join People Power 2. I believed then that Gloria Arroyo is what the Filipino people truly needs. She is someone who can clean up the corruption in our government and save the Philippines from poverty. But I guess I was wrong. She and her family have been accused (and I guessed have been proven) of being involved in corrupting the funds of the government. They say that PGMA is just lucky since the military is with her side so no matter how major the issues are being linked to her and her family, she is still in position. But I have long lost my trust in our government and as sad as it may sound, I don’t find any hope for our government.

And then she granted executive clemency to Claudio Teehankee. They are saying that they followed the process. But if they truly followed the process and they have a clear conscience, then why did they do it clandestinely. Even the Hultman family was not informed that Teehankee will be released soon. And they even hide the release (or should I say Teehankee’s escape) from the media.

But I guess, PGMA’s government never did anything that exercise moral judgment anyways so the sudden release of convicted murderer from prison is something that we should not be shocked about. Well, that is just my two cents.


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