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My husband has been talking about his desire for our second baby. He wants a baby boy, that is. He knows that I am still not ready for a second baby and I have been asking him if we can postpone it till next year. I know Bela will be turning three this year but I don’t know what it is in me that is stopping my desire for our second child. Maybe it is because I got traumatized with Bela. Most of you know that she has a congenital heart disease when I gave birth to her and it was so painful and traumatizing on my part when I found out about it as a first time mom. Maybe, that fear is still here and I am scared that the same thing will happen to our second child. But I know that God is good and with prayers everything will be ok which is what happened to our dear Bela since it was confirmed a year ago that the hole in heart is now closed.

I promised my husband that we will start to try for our second baby next year. He is all excited already and he even promises me that he will give his toy collection to our next child if it is a baby boy (which is really a hard thing for him to do since he loves his toy collection). He even started to look for activities that he and our baby boy (We’re praying for this) can do together. He can already imagine the two of them playing baseball together or soccer or basketball. He even showed me his batting gloves and he demonstrated how he would play with our baby boy. (That is how excited he is to have a baby boy).

I know my husband really can’t wait to have his baby boy. But for me, it doesn’t matter if it is a boy or a girl again for our second baby. My only prayer is that God will give us a healthy baby.


whenever I see the word congenital heart disease, i always remember my officemate's baby who died just a day after giving birth to him due to congenital heart disease. it's good that bella's healthy.

naku pressured ka pala magkaroon ng baby boy. hihihi.. dont worry God is good talga, I'm sure it will work out fine. :) cant wait na makita kitang buntis!

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