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My mom is always having high blood pressure these past few days. We just accompanied her last week for a check up and her doctor required her to undergo various laboratory exams to check her condition. We have been monitoring her since we are afraid that the constant rise in her blood pressure will lead to more serious illness like stroke. That is really one thing that we don’t want to happen to our mother so I and my siblings have been really vigilant and have been monitoring our mother’s condition.

So far, the results of her laboratory exam are all normal. Her doctor said that she just requires rest and she is just stressed out that is why she is always having high blood pressure.

The problem is this condition runs in our family. Almost all of my mother’s siblings have the same condition as her and so there is a big chance that I might get the same condition too. I have been reading the C'elle website and I learned that there is now a technology where women can collect and preserve stem cells found in menstrual fluid each month which can be processed and preserved and can later be turn into potential cellular therapies that can cure disease like heart disease and stroke. I have been reading the C'elle Client Testimonial and a lot of women are considering this technology as there way to prevent life threatening disease.

This is really something that I would definitely consider.

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