I am home

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It is a good thing though that I just took a day off from work (even if I got really pissed since we were not able to go to Bela’s field trip which is the real purpose of my vacation leave. You can read the whole story here). At least I will be able to get some rest for one whole day.

Since Wednesday I was not feeling well. I feel like my joints are all aching. I went home last Tuesday without an umbrella and it was raining so I think, that is where I got my colds. But I just take my medicine and sleep early and I was feeling a lot better come Thursday. And I was really glad that it did not develop into flu, otherwise I might look like I am taking diet pills again if I loose weight because I am sick. And I don’t want to get the flu virus too because I am sure that Bela might get it from me too.

So now I am enjoying my time at home. At least I will have one extra day to rest and recuperate.


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