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This coming Friday, we will be attending the house warming of the new condo unit of my dear friend. She moved in last June but we will only be able to see her new pad for the first time this coming Friday.

My friend is very happy as finally, she now owns her own condo unit. Since college, she is just renting an apartment since their house is very far from the city. And when she started working, she still continued renting as she still can’t afford to buy her own pad that time. And so she is really excited because all her hard work has paid off and she was now able to buy her own pad.

She is really that excited that as soon as she receives the move in notice from the building administrator, she immediately contacted a Moving Company to help her move all her stuff from her apartment to her new unit. Good thing she got a recommendation from the office of the moving company that the office used when we moved offices and so she did not encounter any problems when she moved. The moving company that she hired was so reliable that she was able to move her 10 years worth of stuff hassle free. She even has some of her old stuff (which she can’t dispose due to sentimental reasons) kept for storage. So all of this - packing, storing, moving and unpacking, was done by the moving company. All my friend did was sit back and waited for the time that she can move in to her new pad.

I’m sure it will be a riot this Friday. All of us will be there and we are as excited as my friend to see her new condo unit.


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