Offer from Toyota

Posted by abie on 2:16 PM in
I just got an SMS from the car agent of my brother. She said that she got my number from my father who informed her that we are considering buying a new car as well.

Her offer:
1. She will give us a discount (I think around P10,000)
2. Free window tint
3. Free one year auto insurance
4. Free back sensor
5. She can give us longer payment scheme so we will have lighter monthly amortization

She is encouraging us to buy one ASAP as a new model of Innova will be released this month which will increase the price of older models of Innova.

Great offer? But unfortunately we can’t buy a new car until we are finish with our second housing loan which will not happen until February 2009. So even though the offer is irresistible, we have to hold off our car purchase for now as we might not be able to afford the monthly amortization with our current budget. And I think Howell is having second thoughts too in buying a second car as he wants to prioritize the renovation of our house in Bulacan.


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