My Reward?

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I so envy the girlfriend of my brother. She sent me an instant message yesterday and she is asking me if I can buy her an LV bag when we go to Hong Kong this coming November. She will just give me the money before we leave together with the model number of the bag that she wants. And what made me even more envious is that she is considering buying two LV bags. Darn, she is rich. LOL. But the best part of this is I can walk inside an LV store and bring home an LV bag with me. At least I get to hold an authentic LV bag (pathetic. LOL)

She told me that since she is really working really hard, she decided to give herself a gift this Christmas, thus she is purchasing two LV bags. This really made me think since I am working hard too, I think I deserve a Christmas present for myself too. My wish list:

1. An LV bag
2. A jewelry
3. Or an out of town vacation

I just wish I will find the budget to fulfill my list. :-)


LV! LV! LV! (hahaha!)
Sis, next week na ako punta HK!

Wow! For sure magkakaroon ka ng funds sis. :)

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kaya yan ng blog raket mo! dami mo nga blogs eh...inggit ako! dami source of moolah. hahaha! I am sure 3-5 months lang may LV (speedy or neverfull) ka na!

BI pa talaga kita eh noh?

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