Blow Up Babies

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Have you tried having a pictorial at Blow Up Babies? Blow Up Babies (BUB) is the country's one and only full-production photography studio that is managed by seasoned professionals from the advertising and film industry. They take care of every detail of the photo session from make-up and costumes to sets and lighting and even the digital post-production work.

I really wanted to be a member of Blow Up Babies ever since I found out about them and schedule a pictorial there with our daughter but my husband is really against it. As some of you might know, my husband does photography as his sideline and so he feels that we don’t have to spend that much just to have a pictorial since he has the gadget to produce great quality pictures. I have been arguing with him since I know that having nice props and good studio lighting will really contribute to the outcome of the picture but up to know, I still can’t convince him. He just don’t like the fact that we have to pay more than P500 for the prints and another fee just for the photo session and we won’t even be getting the soft copies of the pictures.

Oh well, I guess we won’t be having any photo sessions at Blow up Babies anytime soon. I hope I will be able to convince him to have a full production pictorial at BUB for our next baby.


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