A little too late?

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Every time we are out, like if we are in the mall, Bela would always want to be carried. She is like this ever since she was born. That’s why we were never really able to maximize the use of her stroller since she prefers to be carried than to be sitting in her stroller.

That was okay when she was still a baby and Howell and I can alternate carrying her if we are out. But now that she is already a toddler, it sometimes is difficult to walk around the mall if we have to carry her all the time. And there was even some time when she will just prefer to be carried by either me or Howell. So if one of us is tired already from carrying her, we can’t take turns in carrying her as she will just cry.

So for our upcoming Hong Kong trip, I realized that it would really be difficult to have a toddler in tow in Hong Kong if we don’t have a light weight umbrella stroller. Do you think it is a little too late to train her again to ride umbroller in preparation for our trip?

My sister was telling me that she doesn’t think that it will work as Bela is already used to being carried all the time. But my husband and I are thinking to buy an umbroller like the Maclaren Volo before the trip and have her use it when we are at the mall so she’ll get used to it.

If that works, it would really be a big help on our part and it would be a great convenience too since going around by foot is really tiring already and for sure it would be double the effort if we are carrying a toddler.


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