Car repairs again.

Posted by abie on 11:55 PM in

I can’t believe that we need to send our car again for major repairs. Just two weeks ago, we paid 18,000 to change the compressor. It really made us broke for that month as we really don’t have that big budget for car repairs. And so when we thought that everything is fixed already, we received the bad news again from my dad since he sent the car again for check up the other day. It turns out that the simple problem that we are experiencing right now with our car is really one major problem that needs major repairs which means we need to spend major amount again for its repair.

That’s the problem when buying a second hand car. We have to constantly send it for repair every now and then. Good thing there is midwest auto recycling where we buy used engines and transmissions which cuts a big amount in our expense.

But you know, next time we plan to get another car, it would definitely be a brand new one. Yes, brand-new car is more expensive than used cars but in the long run, we really can save more since brand new cars require less maintenance.


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