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If there is a TV show that I would like to watch again, it would be Sex and the City. I know it is not really from the past as I think it was only several years ago when they decided to end the show. But I really miss the girls, their shopping adventure, their struggle to find true love, etc.

Sex and the City has been a part of my system already. LOL. I remember there was a time before that I will just stay in my room the whole day and just watch DVDs of Sex and the City the whole day. I even sometimes skip lunch just to finish the whole season.

So when they released the Sex and the City movie, I was one of the girls who watched the movie during the first week of its opening and I watch it more than once. I was even emotional during the opening part where they give flashbacks of what had happened with the girls and I even cried when Carrie got hurt when Big did not shop up on their wedding.

Yah, that’s how attach I am with the SATC girls.


andrea says:

hi abie... question po kze you made a withdrawal na po sa paypal to your bank account here in Pinas diba. Do I need to enter a credit card acoount number? kze everythime i am finished clicking the amount i will withdraw, it always led me to Link and confirm your debit or credit card.. naexperience mu din ba yan?

i miss sex and the city too! :)

hey did you hear, their gonna do a prologue on SATC (HS life i think) and Carrie's character will be played daw by Miley Cyrus!

ahahahaha i dunno if that will push thru though//

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