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Before hubby and I got married dated some years back, we both shared a picture of our dream house where love that abounds will be its staunch foundation between us and our siblings. It has become a dream that revved up our energy cells when we decided to walked the aisle. As I regaled the gentle and auspicious years that quickly swept away I found myself preening over our accomplishment and most of all brimming with so much happiness as I, hubby and together with our daughter are already enjoying the luxury of living in our own dream house. Our clairvoyant visions, our indomitable ambition and the years exerted by my husband slogging daily and diligently finally paid off.

However, our dream would not have come to a reality without the help of a mortgage company as well as the mortgage broker who was a swami in his own right and abreast of the system that goes behind the mortgage world. As he found us to be qualified and worthy to be granted of a mortgage loan he worked his way through his nexus and be able to acquire and present us the best and fair mortgage quotes corresponding perfectly to the style and quality of the house we wanted. Indeed his wizardry in his field that devoid us of the emasculating uncertainty of prolonged negotiations helped us so much to savor the joys of living in our safe haven.

With few more years our obligation to the mortgage company will be completed. Today as we look forward to all the wonderful possibilities each new day brings, we never stop thanking the ALMIGHTY for His kindness and abundant blessings He continue to shower us and for the impeccable comfort and convenience in living we all enjoy.


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