Still about our Baguio Adventure

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My brother’s brand new car arrived two weeks ago, just in time for our Baguio vacation. He can’t come with us as he has to manage our cell phone shop which is really busy during the weekends but he was so kind to lend the car to us.

Since the car just came from the shop, my dad really did a thorough check of the car before we use it for our long road trip to Baguio:

Batteries: Checked
Oil: Checked
Brakes: Checked
Gas: Checked
Spare Tire: Checked
Car insurance: Checked
Engine Coolant: Checked
Transmission Fluid: Checked
Lights: Checked
Wheel Wrench and Jack: Checked

And when my dad was really sure that everything is perfectly ok, we hit the road for our Baguio adventure. I posted my stories here on the places we visited in Baguio plus our Baguio Food trip here. I still owe the last post that I promise which is our shopping adventure in Baguio. Hopefully I can do it this weekend.


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