Busy as a Bee

Posted by abie on 12:39 AM in ,
That is how I can describe my week now. But I am not complaining and I am even praying for more extra work. You see, I am way below my quota for my sideline work as I was not able to work full time last month as we were on vacation. So for this month, I have to work doubly hard to make up for the earnings that I need for May and for June.

So far things are doing well as I got a regular writing job (though the pay is a little delayed) so at least I don’t have to worry every month as 20% of my quota is already covered by this writing job. Then we received yet another good news from my good friend Peachy for more work next month and possibly until August so I am really thankful.

I really need all this extra work as I need to save up for my share for the housing loan that we will start paying by July plus Bela’s tuition fee come August and my much awaited Cebu trip with my Twitter friends and their family.

So I hope job will continue to pour in and even if I get to sleep for only 2 hours a day, you will not hear me complain as this is what I need now to pay the bills. LOL.


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