To Sell or Not to Sell: Netbook

Posted by abie on 11:13 PM in ,
I need one of those patient monitor to hook my netbook as I feel that it will die anytime soon (or it might be sooner if I decide to throw it out of the window).

I was really happy with it during the first few months that I was using it as it provided me with what I need for a laptop – fast enough so I can do my work fast but lightweight, small and mobile so I can easily bring it every where I go. And for a while it has really served its purpose.

But lately, it has really been very slow and last week was the worse as it will stop for about 5 minutes to process whatever command I asked it to perform and then it will allow me to work for just one minute before it starts processing again. Imagine, a work that will only take me an hour or two hours at most to accomplish took me 5 hours (but I felt that it was forever) last night.

Now I am thinking if I should sell this crappy netbook so I can get the Mac Book that we have in our gadget store.


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