New York, May 9

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We noticed that Cobi was a little hot at around 2 AM and when w checked his temperature, he has low-grade fever. He actually has diarrhea so I begin to worry and blame myself and got paranoid already that I will not be able to forgive myself if something happens to him.

Howell woke up early to buy medicine after I texted Cobi’s doctor. Howell bought hydrite and Paracetamol and gave it to Cobi as soon as he arrives. We planned on just staying at home since Cobi is sick but his fever was gone and was so active again by lunchtime so we figured that it is better if we go out.

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We first went to Times Square and had lunch at the McDonalds there and as promised, we took Bela to Toys R’ Us where we did a little shopping. We also had pictorial at the famous Times Square.

Then we decided to go to Empire State to have a view of the city at night. We were lucky as this is the best time to visit to famous places in New York as it is not crowded so we breeze through the elevator, the security and in no time we were already at the top.

Cobi was sleeping already when we went to Empire State but then he woke up when were at the top and cried non stop so we did not stayed long and just took a few pictures then head home.


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