Residential Treatment Program for troubled Teens

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I was watching the re-runs of Oprah on the topic of problems of parents with troubled teens and I was really bothered because the teenagers are all out of control and their parents can't do anything to help their kids out of the mud that they are in.

Well I have been a teenager once in my life and as I went back, I realized that the teenage years is one of the most difficult phase in the life of anyone as this is the phase where we are exposed to a lot of problems like peer pressures, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, which is very traumatic and difficult to handle for a young and immature minds of a teenager.

But thankfully there are schools for troubled girls named Shelterwood, which offers residential treatment program for troubled youths. They offer one on one, group and family therapy that can help the teens and their family deal with the problem.

Their residential treatment program includes day-to-day recreational activities, mentoring, and group discussions to help the troubled teens regain their life back. What is nice about Shelterwood is that they have a very small class size so the mentors can dedicate more of their time in helping the students reconnect with their families. And since they are a Christian boarding schools, they put Jesus as the center of their activities so they help the teens also to develop a strong relationship with the Lord, which they will need later on in their life to be able to surpass this great problem.

If you are a parent of a troubled kid, the first step is to accept that there is a problem and then seek help of a professional as problems like this are deeply rooted and would really require the help of the experts.


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