Jet Lag Remedies

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If there is one thing that I hate every time we travel, then it is jet lag. My family just got back from a three-week vacation in New York and since New York has the exact opposite time as my current local time zone, then all the more it is difficult for me to deal with jet lag.

During our first week after we arrived, my husband and I will sleep around 7 PM as soon as we arrive home from work, and will wake up at around 3 AM. At first I was sort of happy to how my internal clock works as I get to sleep for eight hours, which they say is the recommended number of hours a person should sleep per day, plus I can work from 3 AM onwards before I go to my day job at 6:30 AM.

They say that the difference of your local time zone to the time zone of your country of destination is the number of days it will take for you to recover from jet lag. So at first I thought that I am still recovering from jet lag but it has been almost two weeks already and I am still in this kind of time system. This got me into thinking if I have sleep disorder already.

I know it is not healthy and I am not being productive since I have a day job and I feel sleepy and weak already in the afternoon but I have to force myself to keep my brains awake so I can still function in the office.

So I know that I should do something to combat this or at least to beat my jet leg so here are a few tips that I think I should try:

1. Diet. They say that adjusting one’s diet is a good way to recover from jet lag by avoiding excess alcohol or caffeine, by drinking plenty of water, and avoiding heavy meals. Studies have proven that having a good diet is the best way to reset your body’s internal clock to the desired time zone.
2. Observe the sleeping time and wake up time diligently. Sleep only when it is already time to sleep and wake up and get out of bed when it is time to wake up already.
3. Pills. If all the natural methods won’t work, then I can try taking medications which are proven to safe to cure jet lag.

These are just some proven tips to cur jet lag so I will definitely give this a try so I can start going back to my normal sleeping habits.


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