New York, May 7 - 8

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Last May 7, we board Cathay Pacific flight to New York and Howell fetched us from the airport at around 10 PM New York time on May 7 also. We just rented a cab that will drive us from JFK airport to his friend’s house. His friends were actually in Florida when we arrived but they left their keys for us so we can stay at their house even if they are out.

It was already 12 AM when we finally settled in the house and since it is 12 noon in Manila, the kids are all awake. Howell went out to buy food, as we are all hungry. After dinner / lunch, we stayed awake maybe until 2-3 AM even if we are all tired from the flight.

The next day, we woke up early, as we will be meeting my good friend Glo in Chinatown. My mom, hubby and kids are still sleepy but I force them to get out of bed to battle jet lag fast. We had breakfast and by 10 AM we are already out of house waiting for a bus to take us to the subway station.


We met up with Glo in Chinatown and had lunch in Jaya. After Chinatown we went to Central Park. Bela went crazy as soon as she sees the ducks and the birds in the park. She even asked Glo if they were real as the ducks and the birds that we saw look really beautiful that they almost look like they are figurines. LOL.


After exploring the humongous Central Park, we went inside Central Park Zoo as what we promised Bela. Howell, mom and Cobi (who is already sleeping) just stayed outside the zoo to catch some sleep.


The park was just small with no big animals like the elephant, zebra and lion but still Bela had so much fun. I think it took us only more than an hour to finish the whole zoo. We were already out of the zoo a little before 6 PM and Bela immediately doze off to sleep as soon as we are out of the zoo. So I was able to catch up with Glo but time is really short as it is time for her to leave to catch her bus going back to Boston.


We accompany her to the Apple store near Central Park and that is where we parted ways. Howell was able to recharge after his power nap and so he was still in the mood to explore the city and we went to 5th Avenue and to Rockefeller Center and call it a night after that.


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