My Form of Relaxation

Posted by abie on 10:38 PM in
After a long and tiring day at the office, I have to stay awake for a few hours at night to work again. Sometimes my body feel so tired already that all I want to do is just forget about everything and just lie in bed and sleep the whole night. But that is not possible as I have a lot of hungry stomachs to feed (aka my kids, my parents and my sister) so I have no choice but to stay up and force my eyes and my brain to function even if my body is already saying that it is time for me to get some rest. During those times that I feel so tired and stressed out already, a scent of a candle is all I need to relax me and bring me back to my zone.

But I know how dangerous candles can be, especially if I fall asleep in the middle of the night and I will forget to blow my burning candle before going to sleep. That is why I am so happy when I discovered that there is a flameless candles with timer that I can use to give me the scent that I love, to relax my mind and my body, while at the, same time staying safe from accidental fire. This smart candle has 3 way timer switch which I can set to auto shut down after 8, 12 or 16 hours.

I am glad I have discovered this smart candle so I can get the relaxing feeling that comes with the scent of a candle without compromising the safety of my family.


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