Varekei: Valentine’s Date 5 Months Late

Posted by abie on 10:58 AM in
Yehey, I am so happy. Bought online our tickets for the Varekei Cirque du Soleil show just now. I actually have no plans of watching. I know how good the show is and it is really a must see but tickets prices are so steep that I let go of the idea.

But then after my officemates watched the premiere and they are all raving about it and I saw some of their pictures in Facebook, I told myself that it is indeed something that I should not missed.

Hubby on the other hand got sold already when he saw the circus tent set up near his office. LOL. Since we think alike, he gave me a call at exactly the same moment I was thinking if we should watch the show or not.

So we both decided that we should watch. The next question is if we will bring Bela or not. Bela got excited when she saw the circus tent but she probably was thinking of elephants, lions and sea lions in the show because she got scared when I showed her the commercial and the giant posters and she kept on saying “Oh I don’t like, they’re scary. Please don’t take me there.”

I explained to her that daddy and mommy will be watching and if it is okay that she is not coming and she said “Yes, I will just stay at home and wait for you.”

So I guess it is a date for me and Howell on July 14th. Hubby was teasing me that this will be our Valentine’s date 5 months late. LOL.


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