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I still haven’t recovered yet (physically and financially0 from our 3-weeks vacation in the US. Imagine, I only was able to rest for one day and then I have to go back to work right away. One reason is that I have no more vacation leaves left and second I have to start working hard again to earn money to pay for the expenses that we incurred during our trip.

Aside from our US expenses, now I can feel the stress as I have to pay for tons of house hold bills like electricity, our day to day meal allowance, house rent, yaya salaries and more and it is just me and hubby who is working to meet all this expenses. Our electricity bill actually started to shoot up last month (and I am expecting that it will double this month) since we are now using two air-conditioning unit since my parents and my sister moved in with us. I am happy that my parents are actually staying with us but my greatest fear is if we can cope up with the expenses as it is just me and my husband who will shoulder all our expenses plus the added budget that we have to allocate now that my parents are staying with us.

I guess I will just leave it all up to Him, that hopefully I will find extra work to shoulder all the expenses (which is up to the roof now) and that my body can handle the stress and the sleepless nights that I have to endure so I can work at night after working the whole day for my day job. Oh well, this is my life now….I just hope and pray that I will not get sick so I can continue to work to provide for my kids and my parents (and my sister too.)


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