Discount checks to pay for our Insurance

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Our insurance is due for renewal this month and hubby was glad that he was able to find a deal with an insurance company that will allow us to pay for our renewal in three monthly installment of zero percent interest. We just have to issue a check and they will start with the renewal process.

Unfortunately, since things are a little chaotic at home as we prepare for the move, hubby can't find his check. Luckily I discovered Extra Value Checks where I can order checks online.

What I like about their discount checks is that they can be personalize with our name and the design that we want for our checks and they are offering it at a much lower rate than getting it direct from our bank. They would even charge the same amount on my next re-order so I will be guaranteed that I will get the most affordable price if I order personal checks from them. All major banks and finance institutions also accept their checks so I will be guaranteed that I will not have any problem if I issue a check.

I already check the gallery of designs for their check and I just have to choose the design that I want so I will get my personalized check soon.


Wow! A 3-month installment term with zero percent interest for an insurance renewal? That's indeed a great deal. With your house move soon, I bet you would exhaust all possible means and ways to save up. Having such a flexible term on life insurance as well as on cheap health insurance plans could really be advantageous on your part. Congrats in advance, by the way, on the impending house move!

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