Avoid Downtime with Network Monitoring Tools

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Different components make up a network system, from the switches and routers that connects all the network systems together, to the servers that manages the processes and communications, to the workstations that is used by clients to process data and a lot more. These devices are expected to function 24x7 as any downtime can’t be tolerated as it means disruption of work and services for any company.

But we can’t expect that all these devices will always function at their 100% performance. They are just machines after all and eventually, they will fail. So it is important that companies make use of network monitoring tools to monitor the network devices in case they will encounter any problem so immediate action can be done to solve the problem and restore connection or prevent possible downtime.

There are a lot of monitoring software available and one of them is LogicMonitor, the best network monitoring software available in the market today. What makes it stand out from the other networking monitoring tools is that it does all the hard work in order to monitor the entire network infrastructure. All that the software needs is the host name and it will detect the device or the OS and will configure all the processes and thresholds that needs to be monitored.

Let’s take for example their windows server monitoring. It will determine the OS that is installed and will automatically detect the CPU usage, the Hard Disk for latency, the SQL servers and other processes that needs to be monitored for a particular OS.

With this networking monitoring tools, systems administrator can be confident that they will not miss anything and will be able to address any problems to avoid any downtime.


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