Our Trip

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My friends and relatives are all asking about our pictures from our recent trip but I still haven’t had the time to sit down, sort the pictures, resize them and upload in Facebook and Flickr. You know Howell, he is trigger happy when it comes to taking pictures and when I checked, we have minimum 200 pictures per day so good luck to me on when I can start and finish uploading the pictures from our recent trip.

But I will surely blog about it soon so I will have an online chronicle of our first trip to the USA as a family.

I can summarize our trip in three words: fun, tiring and expensive. LOL.

It was a real challenge taking two kids to an out of the country trip especially since we did not realize that we are going to a place like New York which is really not child friendly (I think I will go back here when Cobi is already 18 years old. LOL). But if you will ask me if I am willing to do it again, I will still say Yes in a heart beat. It was a great 3-week, without any work disturbance, far from any problems here in Manila. It was just pure bliss and quality time with my family so I will definitely do it again. Howell was actually suggesting that we go to Singapore on Bela’s birthday. LOL.


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