Picture Uploaded

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Finally I was able to start looking at our pictures and was able to select those that I will upload in Facebook and Flickr. I sat down one night and sort through the pictures in my laptop and surprisingly, I was able to finish three days of pictures in one sitting.

Well to start with, Howell was not able to take that much pictures because:
1. He is still jet lag and is still not in the mood to take pictures
2. The kids are sleeping most of the time (starting at 12 noon onwards) so there is not much subject to use for the pictures
3. It is difficult to get a decent picture if you have two kids in tow

I was sorting through maximum of 300 pictures per day and I am so not used to this because knowing hubby, who is trigger happy when it comes to camera, 300 pictures is not even half of what he can capture in a day.

But at least I was able to get some nice pictures of us and I will start to post our travel journal here day per day in the coming weeks so watch out for it. 


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