Getting Old?

Posted by abie on 1:13 PM in ,
Am I really getting that old already or I just need calcium supplement?

It is because I am feeling pain on my back and knee. I started feeling this pain a few weeks after I gave birth to Cobi. The same thing happened to me when I gave birth to Bela five years ago. The pain on my knee was really bad that I can’t sit for long hours that is why it is difficult and uncomfortable for me to go on a long distance travel.

I was taking calcium supplements when I was still pregnant but then I stopped after giving birth because I thought that I no longer need it. But I was wrong. My doctor said that the more I should take my supplements as I need all the energy that I can get as I am breastfeeding.

Oh well, now I realized that I am not really getting younger so I should really continue taking vitamins and supplements.


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