Kids' Dilemma

Posted by abie on 8:30 PM in
My cousins visited us the other day at our house for they already miss my kids because they were not able to see them for almost 2 weeks now.

When they were at our house, my cousin asked me if I know any kind of treatment that will help her get rid of lice. I saw her scratching her head from time to time and that made me think that her case is becoming worst. She said that she got it from her classmate who is also have lice for quite some time now. They were seatmates that's why she suspects that it can be one of the reasons why she had lice now.

And so I tried to search if there is one like the Houston lice treatment here in our country because all I know, most people who suffer from this infestation, they only use special shampoos that contains bad harmful chemicals that can affect our health and can damage our hair as well.

Unfortunately, I still can find one but I suggest her to consult her doctor first so she will know the best thing that she can do to get rid of her lice.


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