Still Thinking About It

Posted by abie on 11:01 PM in
I'm just looking at the screen of my computer when suddenly a message popped out. It came from my sister. She told me about the sale of the bags that we both love.

Excitedly, she told me that it is on 20- 30% off promo. And I was like, really? And asked her if she'll buy though I already knew her answer. She said hell yeah, just like what I thought.

I asked her if she's sure and again received the same response. As a loving sister, I told her out of the blue, why don't you try to invest your money into a business and when you are already earning a lot, then buy all the bags that you like. She was like shocked when she read my message. She sent a laughing smiley and asked if I'm sick. I told her that I'm just concern about her future, for we all knew that the cost of living today is so expensive and she might get broke if she'll continue her addiction to bag. She got my point and asked what to do.

I gave her the site that my chum recommended me. She often saves her money to buy gold because she said that it's a good form of investment since gold’s value are so high and don't depreciate easily. My sister said that she'll give it a thought and will message me when she already decides about it.

I just hope she comes up with a good decision.


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